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Hello, I've just acquired a lovely mint condition pair of these plates. With writing. Other than E-bay, which I dislike, could anyone advise where else I could sell them on? If it has to be E-Bay so be it, but I just wondered if anyone had any other ideas. Many thanks
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Any website members will be able to contact you via your profile email address if they are interested.

You can go to the agm next weekend and become a temporary member for £1 but that only allows you to buy glass. To sell you have to pay for a stall. A brooklyn has just sold at Rodas auctions in the U.S. for $75. I think your best bet if nobody contacts you before is Ebay.

please note they are not plates but bowls. If you advertise them as plates they may be mistaken for china ones that are being produced today. Plates are flat and do not have wavy edges.

good luck


Michael Brown

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Thank you Michael, yes, they are bowls, sorry. I didn't realise other members might see my post and make an offer, well, that would be very welcome. I think your AGM is a bit far for me I am in Dorset! Although I would love to go. I have now arranged to have a stall at an antique fair in November, so if I still have these bowls, I'll display them there. The organiser says that its about time carnival glass got an airing, so I shall make sure I do the glass justice on the day by making a lovely lit and mirrored display. Thank you for your help. Jackie and Wayne Critchley
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