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The old style templates have now been removed by our host and replaced by easier to edit pages with additional apps included. This has come just as our new website editor Gwillym takes over running it so we hope it is not too stressful as I have tried to iron out the immediate problems with getting all the info onto the new templates. Having said that our hosts Webs.Com have had their own problems with a DDos attack and this did not help by slowing down everything and sometimes making the website completely unavailable. I thought it was a bug in the new templates and struggled with it until 3am one morning and then up at 8 to carry on the struggle. The coming months may see us go down now and then as Gwillym gets his head around editing it so we wish him lots of luck. will also be removing the ContactUs button at the side of the pages in the middle of March but we now have a contact us page if you need it.


Michael Brown

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Derek Sumpter
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Many thanks Mike for the good work you have over the years and months managing this site

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