The Carnival Glass Society(UK)

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Devoted to the collecting and accurate documentation of Carnival Glass

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CGS (UK) Membership

Membership of the CGS (UK)  provides members with the following benefits :

Membership of a Society of like-minded people, who are passionate about collecting, spreading awareness, and appreciating the beauty of carnival glass.

Four Newsletters per year, which include a diverse range of articles - from those which are educational and well researched, to accounts of intriguing new finds from our members, to snippets of news and reports of forthcoming or past events. 

Education and Friendship has been the foundation of the Carnival Glass Society over the past 35 years. Membership allows you, not only to learn about the glass, but also to make friends with, and learn from other collectors from around the world. 

The Carnival Glass Society has been donated an exceptional collection of European, American and Indian carnival glass by Anthony and Maureen Ward that will be showcased and shared through the Newsletter, at exhibitions and in other global forums as part of our 'Let's Get Physical' programme (aimed at spreading awareness of carnival glass to a much wider audience). Members can contribute and be part of this exciting new project.

Invitation to Gatherings or Get-togethers at members' houses throughout the year.

Attendance at the Society's Annual Carnival Glass Weekend, held each September, with lectures / talks, sales of carnival glass, display of members' glass, raffles, evening dinner, entertainment and much more.

Reduced-rate entry fees to designated antique fairs.

Annual Membership Subscriptions (November to October)

Members opting for the electronic/email version of the Newsletter :  £14
UK based members, opting for the printed paper version of the Newsletter :  £25
Overseas members, opting for the printed paper version of the Newsletter : £32

Membership Application Forms

Printed membership application forms (click here) and cheques should be sent to :

Membership Secretary, 127 Whyke Lane, CHICHESTER, West Sussex PO19 8AU

Alternatively, electronic application forms (click here) can be sent directly from this website, linking with PayPal.

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals can be made either electronically  here , using Paypal or alternatively, cheques should be sent to the Membership Secretary (at the above address).

Other Payments / Donations

Click here to make other payments / donations to the Society, using Paypal.