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Carnival Glass Colours

Glen and Steve Thistlewood gave a wonderful presentation on Carnival Colours covering the whole range at the Society's AGM in 2008.  Click this link to be amazed at some of the colours on their website.

Dan Ruth has a video on You-tube of many of the colours showing many items with the light reflected off the iridescence and with the light shown through them to see the true colour. You can see it in full screen and with sound. Click here to see the video.

Carnival Glass Vases

At the AGM convention in 2009, the Carnival Glass Society members were treated to  a very enlightening presentation on carnival glass vases by Glen and Steve Thistlewood. Many members contributed items of glass for discussion including some rare colours. Click here to view.

Carnival Glass Tumblers

If you are a tumbler collector and want to see more, you can find over 200 on the Thistlewoods website.

Click here to see Bob Smith's magnificent tumbler museum.

European Carnival Glass  -  Brockwitz 

At the AGM in 2006, we saw another brilliant presentation by Glen and Steve Thistlewood. With more than 150 items on display, it was a world first for the CGS and appropriately titled Brilliant Brockwitz. To read all about Brockwitz  production, click here.




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