The Carnival Glass Society(UK)

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The CGS (UK) Newsletter


Newsletter 160 has been published

CGS (UK) members will have received their Autumn 2017 version of the Newsletter. And it's another 40 page bumper edition. It includes :

  • a report on the unveiling of the Tony and Maureen Ward Collection at the Social Weekend;
  • an update on the Society's Facebook page;
  • tales of carnival outings and rare finds;
  • articles on Australian ornithology, one of Sowerby's lesser known patterns, and meterological 'Carnival Glass';
  • reports on the 35th AGM and Social Weekend;
  • revelations about a globe-trotting punch cup, a computer literate cat (without using a mouse!), a collection of carnival buttons, and much more ........

The Carnival Glass Society (UK) publishes a quarterly Newsletter, containing an array of educational articles and contributions, all relating to carnival glass.  You have to become members of the Society to receive copies of the Newsletter.

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