The Carnival Glass Society(UK)

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The CGS (UK) Newsletter


NEWSLETTER 159 has been published

CGS (UK) members will have received their Summer 2017 version of the Newsletter.

It includes :

further announcements about the Tony and Maureen Ward collection, and an article on a piece from the collection - the Rose Garden letter vase;

details of a special 'Coral Anniversary' raffle;

articles on the Oxford Cross and 'Carnival Glass Weather';

report on the auction of the Sedgwick collection;

contributions from members - information about English Hobstar, and acquiring/collecting carnival;

revelations about recent finds;

and more ........................................

The Carnival Glass Society (UK) publishes a quarterly Newsletter, containing an array of educational articles and contributions, all relating to carnival glass.  You have to become members of the Society to receive copies of the Newsletter.

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