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The CGS (UK) Newsletter 160


Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 160

Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 160  has 40 pages of news, photographs, articles, fun and information on carnival glass exclusive to CGS members:

  • Unveiling the Anthony and Maureen Ward Collection;

  • Introducing our new Facebook page;

  • Tales if exciting new finds by our members;

  • Articles on Magpies and Sowerby's Prism and Cane Variant bowls;

  • Divulging the secret of the Honey Pot, and a tale of a well travelled punch cup;

  • Our resident Weatherman discusses Morning Glory and more

  • Learn about forthcoming events that are exclusive to CGS members.

Electronic membership of the CGS is only £14 for up to two people for which you receive our quarterly 40 page newsletter by email, plus a host of other membership benefits. So why not ‘Join the CGS’ today and start enjoying these amazing membership benefits?