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The CGS (UK) Newsletter 163


Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 163

Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 163 has a hot and summery theme ranging from the delicious Millersburg Strawberry Wreath on the front cover to the ‘Cream of the Collection’ article inside. The newsletter is exclusive to CGS members and highlights include:

  • Exotic and Rare New Finds from members who have been ‘out and about’ in the sunshine including some pretty Fenton Flowers

  • Gone Fishing’ (fishy ‘tails’ from the Anthony and Maureen Ward Collection)

  • ‘Here comes the Sun’ from the Weatherman – a look into carnival glass designs inspired by the sun which reveals intriguing new information on their origin

  • Tornado Update – more evidence to support new research revealed in Newsletter 162 which completely changes the outlook on the inspiration for this iconic vase design.

  • What Members saw on V&A Museum Trip – a walk through 2,000 years of glass leading up to the production of carnival glass.

  • A North East ‘Tyneside Star’ an ‘inside out’ look at this Sowerby pattern in all its glorious forms

  • More ‘Jewels Amongst the Gems’ as Phyllis looks at carnival glass jewellery and accessories

  • As well as ‘Carnival in a Gypsy Caravan’, a summer quiz and lots of bunnies in our ‘Young Collectors’ section.

All of this is exclusive to Carnival Glass Society members. 

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