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The CGS (UK) Newsletter 166


Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 167

Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 167 is 40 pages packed full of articles, photographs, fascinating new carnival glass research and exciting CGS events. This issue includes :

    Exciting new research about early English and early American Carnival Glass in our ‘Is this Sowerby’s Earliest Carnival Glass?’ and ‘Poor Man’s Tiffany – by Tiffany’ articles.

    A Millersburg Mystery raises some interesting questions which may change your whole perspective on this fascinating glass.

    Learn about a beautiful carnival glass gift from Finland to Spain.

    Find out what you didn’t know about a well-known pattern and look at a company which made some great carnival glass novelties.

        ‘Hold on to your hat’ with our regular ‘Weatherman’ and ‘Jewels Amongst the Gems’ features then

          Why not join us for some Australian Adventures?

            We also report on a delightful get together that was held with carnival glass friends and provide information about our AGM weekend in September – plus other news, views, articles and snippets from our members.

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