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The CGS (UK) Newsletter 166


Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 168

Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 168 has 40 pages packed full of articles, research, photographs and exciting CGS events. This issue includes:

  • A well connected Posy Vase with a surprising history

  • The first in our new series ‘Carnival Glass and the Oceans’ by the Oceanographer

  • Australian Adventures (2). Exciting new research on the trail of the Koala

  • Unusual finds from members including a pretty comport and some intriguing miniature mysteries

  • Fascinating research into Sowerby’s little known connections with the Arts and Crafts Movement

  • Our Editor’s great new feature on contemporary carnival glass

  • What was on show, for sale and what happened at our fantastic Carnival Glass Society Weekend

  • ‘Jewels amongst the Gems’ plus other news, views, articles and snippets from our members

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