The Carnival Glass Society(UK)

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Devoted to the collecting and accurate documentation of Carnival Glass

The Carnival Glass Society (UK) - Your Committee and Officers

The Carnival Glass Society Committee meets three / four times a year, and comprises individuals from all walks of life, who bring experience, diversity, enthusiasm and most of all, commitment to the success and continuation of the Carnival Glass Society (UK). Much of the business of the Committee is carried out throughout the year via group email correspondence,  supplemented by the formality of agenda items and minutes at the meetings.  ...... More to follow

 Team CGS (UK)


Steve Auty

Chairperson and Company Secretary

Karl Sumpter

Vice Chairperson

Phyllis Atkinson

Secretary / AGM Executive



Trudy Auty

Treasurer & Web Editor

Ian Page

Committee Member

Margaret Page

Committee Member



Dave Richards

Facebook Coordinator

Graham Sheldon

Membership Secretary



Pam Mills

Newsletter Editor

Gill Hindle

National Organiser