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Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 164


Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 164 is now out, packed full of articles, news, events and plenty of Christmas Cheer - 

Find out about an ‘Accidental Collection’, an ‘Accidental Happy Marriage’ and a Unique Christening Present;

‘Let me Tell You What It’s Not’ - a research article which led to our 16 page ‘Special Supplement’;

Revel in our Carnival Glass Rain;

Admire the beauty of Delightful Dahlias;

Look at ‘Missing Link’ Tornadoes;

Find out about Eda Cake Plates, Pot Lids and ‘What’s in a Mark?’;

Look at photographs of our 36th Carnival Glass Society ‘Atlantic Crossings’ AGM Weekend which included glass sales, presentations and a special evening trip;

Find out about forthcoming CGS events including 2019 Get Togethers to see carnival glass collections, and our April ‘Spring Break’ weekend.


Newsletter 164 is the last newsletter of our 2017 – 2018 CGS year and we are now taking memberships for 2018 -2019. However if you join the Carnival Glass Society before 14 December 2018 then you will have a triple Christmas bonus – you will receive Newsletter 164 in electronic format for free, you will receive the 16 page Special Supplement in electronic format for free, and you will be entered into a draw for free membership of the Carnival Glass Society next year.

To take advantage of this Special Offer simply go to our website, click on ‘Join the CGS’ tab and select the type of membership you would like. Electronic membership is only £14 for up to two people for which you receive our quarterly 40 page newsletter by email (see our website under ‘Newsletter’ for a sampler) plus a host of other membership benefits as well as this Christmas ‘Triple Bonus’.


Newsletter Sampler

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