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Carnival Glass Society Newsletter 169


Another 40 pages packed full of articles, research, photographs and exciting CGS events for our members to enjoy. This issue includes:

  • An intriguing investigation into the lifetime of a hatpin holder

  • Carnival glass links to the 'Seamstress and the Argonaut'

  • Sowerby's mystery candle lamp

  • Find our where carnival glass and metal meet

  • A fascinating 'Arts & Crafts' revelation that may change your point of view

  • Some carnival glass 'carbon dating' from a chicken with a presidential twist

  • A rare item leads to discussion on Stevens & Williams glass

  • Our ‘Jewels Amongst the Gems’  feature is 'seeing red' and we have even have an amazing 'Carnival Glass Enthusiasts' poem from one of our members.

Plus plenty of carnival glass fun with quizzical snippets as well as our new  'Desert Island Carnival' feature.

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